Founders Of Color


Walking the Path Of A Growing Company As A Founder Of Color:

Entrepreneurship or leading and growing a company is not for the faint of heart.

As a person of color, you’ve probably realized that how you look impacts things in big and small ways.

It makes a hard journey even tougher, and in hard moments, it can make you question whether building and leading has been is worth it.

As a fellow successful founder of color, I understand on many levels what you’re going through.

The Stuff We Don’t Always Talk About As Founders Of Color

Here are some things founders of color often navigate but hold back on talking about:

Access to Capital: One of the most significant challenges faced by founders of color is securing funding. Studies have shown that minority-owned startups receive less venture capital funding than their white counterparts. This disparity can be attributed to various factors, including systemic biases within the investment community, a lack of connections to traditional funding sources, and a smaller pool of minority investors.

Networks and Mentorship: Having a robust network and access to mentorship is crucial for startup success. Founders of color often report feeling excluded from the predominant entrepreneurial networks and ecosystems that can provide crucial support, advice, and connections. This lack of access can hinder their ability to scale their businesses, find mentors who understand their unique challenges, and access opportunities for growth and development.

Market Perception and Bias: Founders of color can face biases and stereotypes that affect how their businesses are perceived by customers, investors, and partners. These perceptions can impact everything from customer trust and sales to the willingness of investors to back them. Overcoming these biases requires not only personal resilience but also strategic business positioning and sometimes, educating the market.

Addressing these challenges requires concerted efforts from both the entrepreneurial community and broader societal changes. Initiatives that provide targeted support, funding, mentorship, and resources for founders of color are critical to leveling the playing field and ensuring that the entrepreneurial landscape is inclusive and diverse.

  • Worries About What Others Think: Sometimes, not being able to have a baby can make you worry about what your family or friends might think, or even make you question your beliefs.
  • Feeling Alone: It can feel like you’re the only one going through this, and you might not want to talk about it because you think you should be strong all the time. But underneath are feelings of sadness, guilt, anger, and shame. It’s also very common to go through a period of depression during this journey.
  • Questioning Big Things: This journey can make you ask big questions about life, faith, and what it all means.
  • Crying When No One’s Looking: It’s okay to feel really sad about this, even if you don’t show it to others.
  • Impact On Work Performance: It’s extremely hard to stay focused on your successful career when your mind seems divided. Many men I work with share that they make mistakes they didn’t use to, don’t well like they’re leading or managing well, and frankly, want to be left alone.

Why Trust Me

I’ve Been There Too

My partner tried for almost a year to have a baby, so I really gets how hard and lonely it can feel. I can still remember shuttling from the clinic I was working at, picking my wife up from her work, and then going over the bridge into New Jersey for our 6:15 PM fertility doc appointments. I remember being scared, feeling alone, and not sure how to help myself or my partner. And I remember think many times how much silent suffering there in the whole thing. I still remember the multiple failed treatments and the let down I would feel only to realize that we’d have to get back to the next round before we could even make sene of the current one. And I remember wondering how to tell loved ones and struggling to not let well meaning things (e.g., e.g., “It’s going to be okay.” Or “God is in control.”) rattle me. That’s why I’m here to help other men feel less alone and support them through this time.

How Counseling Can Help As You Navigate Infertility As A Guy

  • Feel Better: I’ll listen to you and help you work through your feelings in a safe place. What I find is that there’s quite a of (understandable) anger and fear that has to be unlocked and talked about to truly navigate the journey with some calmness.
  • Dealing With the Ups and Downs: You’ll learn ways to handle the stress and big feelings that come with trying to have a baby including if you find out that you can’t. Going through our own journey with IUI, I found that a big predictor in long term success is the ability to handle the stress in the moment.
  • Helping Your Significant Other: I can help you figure out how to talk about what you’re going through with your partner and others. I often find that having some sessions with both members present helps unlock that “ships passing through the night” feeling.
  • Seeing Things Differently: You’ll talk about what being a man and being successful means, especially when facing infertility.
  • Improved Work Perforance: A former supervisor used to tell me, “Mel…the things we resist persist.” The reality is that your infertility will affect your work in big and small ways. Simply having a place to release the stress of the infertility journey means that you’re not carrying it into your work and how you lead and manage.


Cost, Length, and How to Pay

  • How Much? Each 50-minute session costs $400.
  • How Long? This varies but I’ve found that typically clients feel significantly better after 4-10 sessions. My goal is to give you tools to navigate this as a couple as soon as possible.
  • How to Pay? You can pay with cash or check or use a health savings card (FSA/HSA) or check if your insurance can help cover the cost through Out Of Network Benefits. If you’re using Out Of Network Benefits, I work with a company that will let you know how much your out of pocket cost will be, and this company will submit everything on your behalf so you don’t have to jump through hoops with insurance.


You’re Not Alone on This Journey

I’m here to help you feel supported and understood as you go through this. You don’t have to do it alone. Let’s take this step together toward feeling better and finding strength, no matter what happens.


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