Founder Dads

Finding Your Balance: Thriving as an Entrepreneur and a Dad

As a founder, you’re admired, successful, and at the pinnacle of your professional life. You’ve built something incredible, maybe even the next unicorn, and people gravitate toward you.

Yet, when the Zoom calls end, the Slack messages pause just long enough, you’re left with a lingering question: “Am I being the father I envisioned?”

It’s a silent struggle, one that contrasts sharply with the accolades and achievements that define your career.

As a fellow founder and dad, I can tell you that it’s not an easy path.

How does one navigate the complex dance of balancing a thriving business with being a present and engaged father?

What does it mean for you to for you to be successful, not just in your business but in your home life as well.

What if you’re admired by the world but lose your child?

The Struggle Is Real: What Founder Dads Face

  1. The Guilt of Split Worlds: Balancing the demands of an expanding company with family time often leaves dads feeling they’re not fully present anywhere. Success in the boardroom can come at the cost of missed milestones, Little League, and bedtime stories at home.
  2. Redefining Success: Many entrepreneurs find themselves questioning the very definition of success. Is it purely professional achievements, or is it the laughter of your children? Striking a balance often means rewriting personal metrics of success.
  3. The Fear of Falling Short: Despite public accolades, internal doubts creep in. Am I as good a dad as I am a CEO? This question haunts many, leading to a constant search for validation in both arenas.
  4. Emotional Presence: Being physically present or throwing money at your kids isn’t enough. The challenge lies in being emotionally available for your children, sharing in their joys and sorrows, amidst the demands of entrepreneurship.

Mental Health on the Tightrope of Success

  • Burnout: The relentless pursuit of professional excellence coupled with family obligations can lead to profound exhaustion, both mentally and physically.
  • Anxiety: Uncertainty and the pressure to perform create a breeding ground for anxiety, affecting decision-making and personal well-being.
  • Guilt and Shame: These emotions are constant companions, stemming from perceived inadequacies as a father and a leader.

My Own Journey As Founder And Dad

My partner and I are both young professionals.

We got married in our 30’s (after meeting on a trip to re-build a community center hit by Hurricane Katrina). We had an incredibly hard few years trying to have a child (lots of appointments with fertility specialists, etc.)

In fact, we started to go down the international adoption route because we weren’t sure if we could have biological children. We were surprised and overjoyed when we found our we were expecting in 2017 (after a 3rd IUI procedure). Every test and screen was perfectly normal. More than anything, we were relieved. But then my wife’s water broke at 32 weeks (just as I was about to head out to a podcasting conference).

After four incredibly stressful days in the ER, the doctors told us that an emergency C-section was the only hope. Otherwise, there was a good chance that I’d lose both my partner and my newborn. The doctors would not let me into the room during the birth because of how risky it was. So I found myself in a dim light surgical room hallway, faced with the unbearable thought of losing both my partner and my newborn. It was a moment of profound vulnerability and clarity for me as a guy and as an entrepreneur.

This experience, coupled with 1.5 years of early childhood intervention for our daughter (low muscle tone), reshaped my understanding of success.

It inspired me to build my main business (Selling The Couch) around sustainable growth and balance, ensuring I was present for my family and my clients.

Since 2015, I’ve operated a successful ‘Company of One,’ helping entrepreneur dads like you find harmony between work and home.”

I work with founder dads because I know at a very real level the tension and stress you’re holding.

Servies & Pricing

I offer personalized sessions designed to address the specific challenges of entrepreneur dads.

  • Session Length: 50 minutes
  • Pricing: $400 per session
  • Payment Options: Cash/Check, FSA/HSA card, or Out of Network Benefits


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